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Your comfort is what drives us to drive you.

Creating a culture of excellence

Delivering non-emergency medical transportation and in-home care. We are driven to make your environment warm, friendly, and comfortable to your needs.


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West Indian Health Caregivers
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New England Care
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Epoch Health Care

We are committed to supporting our clients with safe, clean and efficient transportation and in-home care.

Epoch Health Care endows our drivers with constant training, cutting edge technology, and infrastructural support. Offering companions during and after rides for monitoring, providing our clients a difference in service for the better in their life for the time we are serving. We provide multiple plans to choose from, clients are picked up on time in comfortable, clean and safe sedans, suvs, stretcher and wheelchair accessible vans. After the appointment or engagement, clients are picked up swiftly without excessive wait times or issues. All of our transportation vehicles are well maintained, safe, comfortable, and reliable.

We strive to provide pleasant individually tailored experiences for our clients.


Epoch Health Care is committed to delivering individually tailored services with care on a daily basis. We are determined to provide a “pleasant+ peace of mind service” care experience for all our clients.

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Care For Individuals

Finding good services for yourself or your loved one can be complex and daunting. It is our job at Epoch Health Care to take care of all the details providing all with a peace of mind.


We Listen

Every case is different. Epoch Health Care continuously strives to provide the highest standards of services to our clients by personalizing the experience to meet your needs.

All our vans meet state and federal guidelines. 

Ride in Comfort

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Our Services

Epoch is readily available to resolve all your non-emergency medical transportation and in-home care needs. We work tirelessly at improving the quality of life of each one of our clients and their families through the services we provide. Call today and see all the services we provide that can make your journey easier.


I was referred by a friend to use Epoch Health Care service and the service was amazing. The staffs was very professional and welcoming, the transportation was on time for pickup and made it to my appointment across town on time as well (Wowing me!) I would definitely recommend EpochHealthCare service to friends and family. They are reliable and the line of communication is efficient. Thank you EpochHealthCare service.

Nancy Magloire

As an elderly transgender Epoch Health Care went then and now to great lengths to make me feel comfortable, providing all my transportation needs and even checking up on me periodically.

Regina (Love) Johnson

The staff from Epoch Health Care is always on schedule and work is always performed, for me and always some one available and they bring me to all my appointments without the wait that I experienced from other transportation companies that cater to elders.

Athur Goldstein


My friends thought they were expensive at first then they started to miss appointments and unexpected health issues arose, their days wasted spending more time waiting for the ride than at their  appoinments being diagnosed and treated. I am on time for all my commitments. If it wasn't for Epoch Health Care I would have a hard time managing and maintaining on schedule all my appointments and relaxing while they take care of everything. I get a nice companion for post-op appointments. I guess you get what you pay for.

Elizabeth Goldman

More from our happy clients


Smiles Really Do Help With Recovery.

Our hand-picked staff are not only chosen for their expertise in their professional fields but also, we ensure they are friendly and respectful. The administration at Epoch Health Care are constantly interacting with clients, their families, caretakers and staff ensuring everyone is accountable.


Come And Experience The Warmth of Epoch Health Care

Our Partners

Our Partners Are Incredibly Important To Us. We Work As A Team To Deliver Real Results Through Innovative Approaches And Creative Strategies.

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