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Transportation Services


Special Education Transportation

Transportation is difficult for individuals with a disability no matter the age and their families. The transition from home to school is extremely stressful. We understand and are here to provide a pleasant experience for everyone involved.

Professional Drivers

Our drivers are professional, safe, and committed to clients with the best experience. Our vehicles are designed to transport patients who are confined to wheelchairs, stretchers or who have difficulty ambulating. Our vans are equipped with lifts. The vans can accommodate up to two wheelchairs at time and up to three clients.



Epoch Health Care can provide companions for and after rides for monitoring clients upon request. Companions are an additional marginal fee.


Real-Time Updates

Epoch uses cutting edge technology, consistently updating our network of computers and communication systems. We employ electronic data collection coupled with satellite tracking; we deploy the appropriate vehicle to clients in the shortest amount of time. Each vehicle is equipped with Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) Units that will allow parents, caretakers and family to precisely track loved one’s location at all times. We are committed to providing the best experience. As part of the Epoch Health Care family we want to ensure all clients are comfortable and cared for as family.


Transportation For Different Needs

Epoch Health Care transports to dialysis appointments, doctor and hospital visits, facility to facility transfers, social and family transports. We are here to satisfy all our clients transportation needs.

Wheelchair + Stretcher Transportation Services

Epoch is proud to offer Wheelchair and Stretcher Transportation Service. We employ the latest in global positioning satellite tracked vehicles allow us to send the closest available vehicle to your location and once on board we know where you are always.


This technology allows us to provide the most efficient means of transportation available. We take pride in utilizing properly equipped vehicles driven by safe, courteous, and professional drivers.


Transportation for Bariatric Patients

Bariatric patients often face discrimination and embarrassment because of their weight. Obesity is a disease that affects over one-third of the adult American population. Epoch Health Care LLC. provides patients with both safety and dignity. Epoch Health Care LLC. is a leader in bariatric transportation. We provide excellent patient care and go the extra mile to ensure that our bariatric patients travel comfortably and arrive safely.


Our transport vehicles are large and there is plenty of room for multiple people to sit comfortably. Family and loved ones are more than welcome to accompany the patient to their destination or you can request a companion. Our vehicles have unique features that make it the optimal vehicle for these types of transports. The rear cargo doors open up, which makes the boarding process less stressful for the patient. Statewide, bedside to bedside and 24 | 7 | 365 service.

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