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Quality and Care  

Epoch proudly offers versatile, professional, reliable and efficient transportation services to assist with everyday transportation needs. These services are competitively priced well below ambulance transportation.

Our Team Will Assist With:​



Feeding & Shifting/turning Patients


Personal care such as cleaning, diaper changes or maintaining a catheter (if needed)


Compassionate Care During Non-Emergency Medical Transport


Medical Bag

Quality and Comfort

Customers are transported in one of our comfortable transportation vehicles. Most vehicles have standing headroom so we can provide the maximum comfort and care for clients.

Our vehicles are designed to accommodate multiple riders for short and long-distance transports. Our vehicles offer comfortable accommodations for clients and their families. Our vehicles are designed to exceed industry standards for non-emergency medical transport vehicles with extra emphasis placed on the patient’s comfort and safety.

Epoch proudly offers transportation that is not readily available every day and everywhere for the special clients we cater to. We provide multiple services and scenarios to choose from, so you are assuredly picked up on time in a comfortable, clean, and safe sedans, SUV, wheelchair, or stretcher van. After your appointment or engagement, you are picked up swiftly without excessive wait times or issues.

We provide competitive pricing and multiple plans to choose from so that you can be sure that you picked up on time in comfortable, clean, and safe sedans, SUV, or wheelchair van. After your appointment or engagement, you are picked up swiftly with no widows, excessive wait times, or issues.

We offer wheelchair and stretcher accessible vans. We use our premium brand vehicles to ensure an enjoyable experience for all clients.

All Epoch vehicles have geo-tracking devices onboard, which provides you with real-time updates on location, route, and arrival time, the services provided, and which one of our excellent team members is providing services.

All our transportation vehicles are well maintained, safe, comfortable, and reliable.

Available vehicles include a 2010 Lexus RX SUV (5-passenger vehicle), a 2019 Mercedes Benz GLC (premium vehicle) available for all your needs. We are also able to access a fleet of 2018-2019 (multi-passenger vans) that accommodate wheelchair and stretcher accessibility.

Family + Support Welcome

Family members may travel along if desired; companions and most pets are welcomed for a marginal fee but all these services must be requested prior to transport.

When you are ready to get started, please contact Epoch about setting up transportation services tailored to you.

Transportation Services include​​

Dialisys treatments

Special Education Transportation

Social Gatherings

Last minute Arrangements

Bariatrics Transportation

Daily, Weekly, Monthly Planned Transportation

Home to and from Hospital



Errands, Activities and Chore transport

Bedside to


Door-to-Door services

Wheelchair and stretcher accessible

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